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A few reviews from my happy clients

100% would recommend. Carl’s been super helpful and always on hand if you need anything. After just 4 weeks I can already see massive progression with him. Definitely continuing these sessions!

- Luke

I couldn’t recommend Carl enough! When I first came to Help4minds my anxiety was taking over my life and my physical health was poor because I could barely eat. I constantly felt nauseous and my sleep was disturbed. I was waking up in the early hours then couldn’t settle. This affected going to work the next day as I was left feeling exhausted. I’ve tried everything from counselling to cognitive behaviour therapy with no luck-until I started hypnotherapy.
Carl has helped me overcome my anxiety and take back control of my thoughts! After 6, 1 hour sessions I’ve easily had 80 percent improvement.
Carl put me at ease in every session and helped me break negative thoughts by focusing on solutions rather than being stuck with thinking about the problems themselves. He is upbeat, easy going, friendly and kind.
Carl helped me understand how my mind works so I can now work with it- I now have a healthy routine and can achieve the things I wanted to do and also try things out of my comfort zone.
Thank you for all your help and support

- Rachael

10/10 experience, can’t fault it one bit. Carl is brilliant at what he does would highly recommend


Carl has used me to sense check some of his plans and methods. He puts an immense amount of work into this and has such an in depth knowledge of things which drives lots of meaningful discussion that he uses to refine his methodology. Always striving to be better, which is great to see. Your in safe hands with Carl, that’s for sure.


This guided meditation has really helped me. It is so peaceful
and calming. Carl made made me so comfortable and he is very professional. Such a great safe space to be yourself. I have tried so many techniques in the past that never really worked for me and I have always found myself going back to square one. Since using hypnotherapy I have learned so much about myself. I have a much better mindset with a clear head to focus on the important aspects of my life.

Thank you so much Carl for this amazing therapy. I’m glad I have found my balance thanks to you!


Well worth a visit if you want to quit smoking. Thanks Carl


When I started looking for a therapist Carl stood out because of his positivity and approachability Carl Has been really friendly and helpful.


My time with Help4minds Hypnotherapy helped me apply the positive messages, which in turn allowed me to gain better control off my anxiety. If you want to take control I would definitely have a chat with Carl.

- Jason

Great service highly recommend. Helped me with a smoking issue very relaxing calm atmosphere would highly recommend Carl to everyone.


Carl, Thank you so much for all your help and support you have given me. Your always there to guide me when I need it.
I would Highly recommended you.
I really do appreciate all you have done for me.


I have been diagnosed with general Anxiety disorder and Depression I have lived in the emotional part of my brain for a very very long time. I have tried counselling with medication but that has not worked for me. The constant chatter in my head
, the memory loss, unable to concentrate or focus, so being able to read a book or watch a television programme has been impossible for me.
Carl through Solution based hypnotherapy has enabled me to engage with my subconscious side of my brain again. From after the second session I could sense a slight shift in my mind but was unable to articulate how or what it was. I am now on session 7 and that shift has progressed further and is noticeable to those around me. I am so grateful to you Carl, for the first time, I feel I am on the right path to heal in a way that medication or counselling never has been able to do. I now feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.

-M Campbell

Carl has helped in a compassionate and professional way. He is understanding and I would highly recommend.

-Debbie F

I have tried so many treatments over the years , I can honestly say I've felt so much more positive and highly recommend Carl for anyone who is struggling at the moment , I'm only half way through the treatment and feel so much better already. Carl has made me feel so much more relaxed in general and he also provides listening material to take away to help in between sessions.

- Paul

I could not recommend Carl enough!Carl has massively helped reduce my extreme stress levels and anxiety that I have been suffering from, due to a distressing event and high work load.Not only that, but he has allowed me to understand why I felt how I did, allowing me to move forward positively with my life.

- Ross

We found Carl/ Help 4 minds to be absolutely amazing ! He was caring and understanding in the help my father in law needed! He explained everything in calm and relaxing manor! All questions were answered! My father in law is in a much better place now because of the help received by Carl! Id stop looking now and just book with these guys! You literally have found the best! Thanks again Carl

- Mark

Carl helped me with my anxiety after a severe accident in work. He got me back into a good place and made me feel so much better.

He went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Carl without hesitation.


In the world of working remotely, I've been inundated with work that I find is difficult to structure. The added stress requires a new calm and Carl has helped me achieve that through guided meditation. I highly recommend ordering a musicozy mask to listen in darkness whilst you drift off to sleep.Keep up the great work Carl!

- Kevin

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