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Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or recent trauma?

Carl Mckay Help4Minds Hypnotherapy Liverpool, UK

Hi, I am Carl and I am an EFT practitioner ( tapping practitioner) and psychotherapist. I use tapping points for anxiety, trauma, or depression as part of my repertoire of therapeutic modalities. I use EFT as a way to help clients break through self-limiting beliefs or challenges that keep them from reaching their goals.

"Often with specific anxiety, the patients are aware of the events or memories that trigger the discomfort. Using EFT, the patient revisits the event(s) in question, the energy meridians are thus re-disturbed, and then the physical symptoms caused by that particular disturbance can be healed by correcting the meridians with EFT." 
-EFT founder Gary Craig

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly referred to as EFT, is a tapping technique used as an alternative therapy for mental health conditions. By tapping specific points on the body whilst focusing on the emotional issues you‘re addressing, you will feel relief from psychological pain and stress. If you or someone you love is experiencing intense sadness, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, or inability to function at work or in school, now is the time to seek help without delay. Working with EFT tapping points can be helpful for everybody during stressful times. EFT tapping technique can be self-administered or done by a trained EFT practitioner. 

Emotional freedom technique Help4Minds Hypnotherapy Liverpool, UK

What to expect

Emotional Freedom Technique involves activating EFT tapping points for anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other issues, while incorporating focused thinking and specific phrases. Below are the steps that are taken within an EFT sequence.

Identify a particular issue that is causing distress.

Rank the emotional (or physical) intensity of the issue on a scale of zero to 10.

Formulate a simple phrase that names the issue and also includes an expression of self-acceptance or self-compassion despite the issue.

While repeating the phrase, tap on Emotional Freedom Technique tapping points on the head, collarbone, and under the arm, using a specific sequence. Use two or more fingertips and tap five times on each point.

Re-test the intensity.

Repeat the steps until the intensity is minimal or no longer improves.

If you would like any more information, On EFT, Hypnotherapy, or counselling and you wish to book an appointment, please

contact me.

My therapy room is situated in a quiet, peaceful location in Liverpool, UK which is calming, safe and comfortable allowing YOU to completely relax. 

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